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Sorry, it's been a really long time since a new episode has gone up.  We've met and recorded stuff since this one, but for a variety of reasons they have not made it onto YouTube.

Pop Cult Online is dedicated to the 10-year-old in all of us!

This is an infrequent/occasional video podcast I do with my long-time comics buddy Rick Gordon.  Listen to 2 guys show off items from their collections, collecting tips, and talk about what they think is cool!

Not just focusing on comics, this strays into TV, movies, toys, whatever kinds of stuff we love as pop culture fans.

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Episode Archives

       Episodes from 2014 - These were all done before Rick went to the "New Format"

The "New Format" episodes include additional vintage material Rick digs up; old commercials, TV show openings, and the like.

     Issues #0-9 - Episodes from November 2014 thru February 2015 

     Issues #10-19 - Episodes from February 2015 thru October 2015

     Issues #20-27 - Episodes from November 2015 thru March 2016