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Power Hour Episode #27 - Posted 3/30/2016

"Deadpool  + Music Sent to Your House + April 2016 Comics part 2 "

Rick & Bob talk about the Deadpool movie, Columbia House Record subscriptions from back in the day, and the back half of the February 2016 Previews Catalog, for comics shipping in April.

Power Hour Episode #20 - Posted 11/2/2015

"Garage Sales and Collecting"
We talk about a bunch of old comics Rick acquired, Bob's garage sale, view masters, and collecting old random stuff in general. Plus the recent Jack Kirby exhibit at CSUN.

Power Hour Episode #22 - Posted 1/1/2016

"Paperbacks, Promotions, and Personality"
We talk about comic and sci-fi paperback novels, cross-promotion perception for new vs. seasoned readers, and writers making sweeping changes to bring their own personality to a series.

Power Hour Episode #24 - Posted 1/24/2016

"Comics News & Journalism"
We talk about comics news sites & journalism, and the fact that someone having a favorite doesn't make it the best. 
Sales tactics to extract $ from fans.

Power Hour Episode #26 - Posted 3/30/2016

"April 2016 Comics + Your LCS Selling Comics"

Rick & Bob talk about the February 2016 Previews Catalog for comics shipping in April (up thru Marvel). We also chat about the difference between a local comic shop actually taking the time to SELL comics as opposed to just ringing up sales at the register.

Power Hour Episode #23 - Posted 1/23/2016

"Star Wars!!"
We talk Force Awakens as well as the first 6 movies and the order to re-watch them in. 
No big revelations but we had fun talking about it.

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Power Hour Episode #21 - Posted 11/4/2015

"Supergirl, Star Wars & Bronze Age Comics"
We talk about a the new Supergirl TV show,Bronze Age comics, comic tropes (particularly crossovers), and Star Wars!

Power Hour Episode #25 - Posted 2/7/2016

"The Target Audience for New Comics"

We talk about comic based TV shows and movies and the differences between them.  Then we discuss the target audience for new/rebooted super-hero's not older readers, but is that a bad thing?  Also, working in a comics shop...Rick would love to own a shop, Bob would not....and Power Records/Comics.