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Power Hour Episode #15 - Posted 6/18/2015

"Catching Up on Life, Movies, Food and Comics"
Back in the saddle again! Bob & Rick catch up after the long gap since the last recording and ultimately talk about movies, classics cereals, fast food and comics!      Quisp or Quake??

Power Hour Episode #12 - Posted 3/31/2015

"Buying off the Rack..."
After talking about some forays into online gaming Rick and Bob once again discuss the joys of buying off the rack 'back in the day'!

Power Hour Episode #18 - Posted 8/4/2015

"Canoes & Comics Publishers"
Rick talks about his recent canoe trip and Bob talks about his visit to the San Diego Comic Art Gallery and IDW Publishing offices in San Diego.

Power Hour Episode #19 - Posted 10/31/2015

"Vehicles, Lunchboxes, and Cereal Prizes"
Rick and Bob talk about super-hero vehicles, cartoons, classic TV shows, metal lunch boxes, and cereal prizes.

Power Hour Episode #10 - Posted 2/15/2015

"Does Whatever a Spider Can..."
Rick and Bob discuss (yet again) classic comics and why we don't need to see a rehash of the origin in every single super-hero movie relaunch.  Plus some talk about what Archie comics have been up to lately.

Power Hour Episode #16 - Posted 6/30/2015

"Chatting with Tom Martinek!"
Tom Martinek of ILM joins Rick & Bob to chat about movies and pop culture!
Hear about how Tom blew his status as one of the few people who didn't have anything to do with Jar Jar Binks!

Power Hour Episode #14 - Posted 6/18/2015

"Cons, Creator-Owned Comics & Covers"
Recorded in early May, Rick & Bob talk about the spring Comic Cons which segues into talk about creator owned comics which leads to a discussion of memorable comics covers.  We end up talking Star Wars...

Power Hour Episode #17 - Posted 7/23/2015

"Bob's trip to San Diego Comic Con 2015"
Bob had a great time doing comics stuff!  NO LINES!
People who go to comic con to see Hollywood celebs and movie trailers waited in a LOT of lines!

Power Hour Episode #11 - Posted 2/24/2015

"I'd Buy That For a Dollar..."
Rick and Bob discuss Dollar Comics and collecting and speculating on comics in the 1990s.

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Power Hour Episode #13 - Posted 4/1/2015

"What's up with DC/Marvel..."
Rick & Bob talk about TV based on 'Big Two' properties, events new and old, and other comics-y goodness!