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Power Hour Issue #5 - Recorded 12/18/2014

"Christmas Comics" 
A Key Silver Age Comic is Added to Bob's Collection and Rick & Bob talk about Christmas comics.

Power Hour Episode #9 - Posted 2/11/2015

"Every Comic is Someone's First" 
Rick and Bob discuss some classic comics moments and experiencing them "off the rack" vs. as back issues.  Then it's on to super-hero movies again and a discussion of war comics. 

Power Hour Issue #7 - Recorded 1/14/2015

"Star Wars, Ant-Man, and Image Subscriptions" 
Rick & Bob discuss current comics phenomenons Star Wars #1 and Ant-Man #1 as well as Image Comics' new subscription service.

Power Hour (New Format #2) - Recorded 11/19/2014

"75 Years of Marvel Comics"
Rick & Bob talk about shopping for comics and we look at Bob's MASSIVE new tome from Taschen "75 Years of Marvel Comics".

Power Hour Issue #4 - Recorded 12/10/2014

"USPS Rant + Meeting Stan Lee/Roy Thomas"
Rick & Bob talk about the vagaries of USPS package delivery and Bob talks about meeting Stan Lee & Roy Thomas in Beverly Hills on Dec 5th.

Power Hour (New Format #3) - Recorded 12/03/2014

"Atomic Age Comics & Early Marvel"
Rick & Bob talk about comics from the 1950s and the transition into the earliest comics from Marvel in the 1960s.

Power Hour (New Format #0) - Recorded 11/2/2014

"Stan Lee is Using the Infinity Formula!"
After some cool vintage commercials Rick & Bob talk about Stan Lee's Comikaze, Groupon, collecting comics in general, and spoiler-free talk of being on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", airing on Nov 10 & 11, 2014

Power Hour Issue #6 - Recorded 1/7/2015

"Captivating Comics Chat" 
Rick & Bob are at it again, this time just shooting the breeze about comics.

Power Hour (New Format #1) - Recorded 11/12/2014

"Of Spider-Men & Would-Be Millionaires"
Rick & Bob talk about the Spectacular Spider-Man Marvel Treasury Edition, and then provide a spoiler-filled account of being on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", which aired on Nov 10 & 11 (at 46:38 into the episode)

Power Hour Issue #8 - Recorded 1/22/2015

"How Star Wars Can Be a Boon to Comic Sales" 
Rick and Bob discuss the upcoming 'death' of the Marvel Universe in Secret Wars, the plethora of previous micro-reboots at Marvel, DC's Convergence and how the phenomenal success of Marvel's Star Wars Comic can lead to a resurgence of comics sales across the board. 

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