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Up Next:Issues #0-9 - Episodes from November 2014 thru February 2015

Power Hour - Recorded 9/10/2014

"2015 Guinness World Record" 
Rick & Bob talk about Bob's World Record for Largest Comic Collection and answer a lot of the questions he's been seeing on the internet.

Power Hour - Recorded 9/2/2014

"Collected Editions" 
Rick & Bob talk about reading comics to kids and comics in in collected edition format; softcover, hardcover, deluxe, and do-it-yourself!

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Power Hour - Recorded 4/17/2014

Rick & Bob show off some recent comics and then talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Eisner Awards, comics book inking and the Inkwell Awards.

Power Hour - Recorded 9/28/2014

"Long Beach Comic Con"
Rick & Bob talk about LBCC and Bob shows off a LOT of old comics he bought.

Power Hour - Recorded 5/26/2014

Rick & Bob talk about movies! Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Godzilla to be more precise!

Power Hour - Recorded 6/04/2014

Rick & Bob talk about Comic Cons! Bob recently attended the Long Beach Comic Expo + we discuss cons in general!

Power Hour - Recorded 10/8/2014

"Buying off the Spinner Rack!"
Rick & Bob talk about buying comics in the 1960s/1970s from publishers other than Marvel/DC.  Dell/Harvey/Gold Key/Atlas-Seaboard/etc.

Power Hour - Recorded 3/23/2014

Rick & Bob discuss each of our Top 5 most significant comic books in our 'careers' as collectors.

Power Hour - Recorded 6/25/2014

"Across the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard..."
Rick & Bob talk about favorite Super-Hero cartoon shows (among other things)!

Power Hour - Recorded 4/27/2014

Rick & Bob talk about WonderCon, Cosplay, and comic cons in general. We're also looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Power Hour - Recorded 6/12/2014

Rick & Bob talk about Bob's recent trip to the Phoenix Comic Con!
We also talk about concerts (Rick saw Ringo!) and movies (including some of the worst we've ever seen)!

Power Hour - Recorded 8/21/2014

"Does Whatever a Spider Can..." 
After a long absence Rick & Bob are back and talking about their favorite super-hero, Spider-Man as well as some classic comic creators!

Power Hour - Recorded 5/04/2014

Rick, Bob, and Paul discuss Free Comic Book Day & Star Wars (in honor of Star Wars Day, May the Fourth).
       Jump to 2:20 in to get past the audio echo!