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Power Hour - Recorded 9/2/2014

"Collected Editions" 
Rick & Bob talk about reading comics to kids and comics in in collected edition format; softcover, hardcover, deluxe, and do-it-yourself!

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Power Hour - Recorded 6/04/2014

Rick & Bob talk about Comic Cons! Bob recently attended the Long Beach Comic Expo + we discuss cons in general!

Power Hour - Recorded 6/25/2014

"Across the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard..."
Rick & Bob talk about favorite Super-Hero cartoon shows (among other things)!

Power Hour - Recorded 5/04/2014

Rick, Bob, and Paul discuss Free Comic Book Day & Star Wars (in honor of Star Wars Day, May the Fourth).
       Jump to 2:20 in to get past the audio echo!

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Power Hour - Recorded 9/10/2014

"2015 Guinness World Record" 
Rick & Bob talk about Bob's World Record for Largest Comic Collection and answer a lot of the questions he's been seeing on the internet.

Power Hour - Recorded 5/26/2014

Rick & Bob talk about movies! Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Godzilla to be more precise!

Power Hour - Recorded 10/8/2014

"Buying off the Spinner Rack!"
Rick & Bob talk about buying comics in the 1960s/1970s from publishers other than Marvel/DC.  Dell/Harvey/Gold Key/Atlas-Seaboard/etc.

Power Hour - Recorded 4/27/2014

Rick & Bob talk about WonderCon, Cosplay, and comic cons in general. We're also looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Power Hour - Recorded 8/21/2014

"Does Whatever a Spider Can..." 
After a long absence Rick & Bob are back and talking about their favorite super-hero, Spider-Man as well as some classic comic creators!

Power Hour - Recorded 4/17/2014

Rick & Bob show off some recent comics and then talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Eisner Awards, comics book inking and the Inkwell Awards.

Power Hour - Recorded 9/28/2014

"Long Beach Comic Con"
Rick & Bob talk about LBCC and Bob shows off a LOT of old comics he bought.

Power Hour - Recorded 3/23/2014

Rick & Bob discuss each of our Top 5 most significant comic books in our 'careers' as collectors.

Power Hour - Recorded 6/12/2014

Rick & Bob talk about Bob's recent trip to the Phoenix Comic Con!
We also talk about concerts (Rick saw Ringo!) and movies (including some of the worst we've ever seen)!