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Who's talking about Bob's collection now?

The story of Bob's Guinness World Record was picked up by a lot of outlets in a number of places around the world (which I thought was very cool).  If you find a reference to me somewhere on the web that I don't have listed, send me an e-mail with the link!

I was interviewed by in May, 2018: read & listen here.

Guinness sent Asha Leo to my house in September 2016 to record a Facebook Live video!

Nice how they snagged a picture off my web-site & put their own copyright notice on it....

Named "The Comics Nerd" by Huffington Post

9 People Who Have Terrifically Out-Nerded Us All.
I'm the Comics representative. Others are Costuming, TV, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, History, Journaling, Politics, Harry Potter.

DC All Access Episode #7 (at 5:30 mark)

The crew from DC All Access visited me and we talked about my collection, with an emphasis on DC Comics (obviously).

The Episode 7 page on the DC All Access site can be found here.

Around the world
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France:Daily Geek Show

Ghana:  Ghana Nation
Indonesia:wow keren
Italy:Fumetti Anime & Gadget
Italy:Fumetto Logica
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More videos farther down the page!

YouTube videos from #Guavo

This is where a lot of this stuff started, even before I officially had the Guinness record.  Other than the obligatory 1960's Batman TV-show sound effects they were compelled to sprinkle around in the video, I think they did a good job.   There is a 3-minute "News edit" and a full-length 5 minute version.

There is also a fairly decent write-up on the #Guavo website.  A lot of the pictures in this article were ones that Janine had to help me take because the #Guavo photog didn't have time to do a lot of "big set up" shots.  Kind of a pain on one hand, but kind of fun on the other.

Picked up in the UK's "Daily Mail" Online

There are a few inaccuracies in this article:

  • Top of the article says I read 115 comics per week.  Not so, it's more like ~115 per MONTH. 
  • They describe me as a "super-hero fanatic".  I'll tumble to "comic book fanatic" but super-heroes make up  less than 25% of my comics reading.
  • I'm characterized as having a "house full of boxes", and also that I have toys and figurines that cover "almost every inch of my home", not true.  Janine is wonderful but would not stand for that.  I have the bulk of my boxes down in the garage and then I have my comics room, with very minor amounts of stuff overflowing beyond those 2 locations.  I do cover almost every inch of the comic room with stuff, but that is not the whole house.