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Who's talking about Bob's collection now?

The story of Bob's Guinness World Record was picked up by a lot of outlets in a number of places around the world (which I thought was very cool).  If you find a reference to me somewhere on the web that I don't have listed, send me an e-mail with the link!

I was interviewed by in May, 2018: read & listen here.

Guinness sent Asha Leo to my house in September 2016 to record a Facebook Live video!

Nice how they snagged a picture off my web-site & put their own copyright notice on it....

Named "The Comics Nerd" by Huffington Post

9 People Who Have Terrifically Out-Nerded Us All.
I'm the Comics representative. Others are Costuming, TV, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, History, Journaling, Politics, Harry Potter.

Picked up in the UK's "Daily Mail" Online

There are a few inaccuracies in this article:

  • Top of the article says I read 115 comics per week.  Not so, it's more like ~115 per MONTH. 
  • They describe me as a "super-hero fanatic".  I'll tumble to "comic book fanatic" but super-heroes make up  less than 25% of my comics reading.
  • I'm characterized as having a "house full of boxes", and also that I have toys and figurines that cover "almost every inch of my home", not true.  Janine is wonderful but would not stand for that.  I have the bulk of my boxes down in the garage and then I have my comics room, with very minor amounts of stuff overflowing beyond those 2 locations.  I do cover almost every inch of the comic room with stuff, but that is not the whole house.

DC All Access Episode #7 (at 5:30 mark)

The crew from DC All Access visited me and we talked about my collection, with an emphasis on DC Comics (obviously).

The Episode 7 page on the DC All Access site can be found here.

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More videos farther down the page!

YouTube videos from #Guavo

This is where a lot of this stuff started, even before I officially had the Guinness record.  Other than the obligatory 1960's Batman TV-show sound effects they were compelled to sprinkle around in the video, I think they did a good job.   There is a 3-minute "News edit" and a full-length 5 minute version.

There is also a fairly decent write-up on the #Guavo website.  A lot of the pictures in this article were ones that Janine had to help me take because the #Guavo photog didn't have time to do a lot of "big set up" shots.  Kind of a pain on one hand, but kind of fun on the other.