4 Kids Walk Into A Bank (Black Mask)
Action Comics (DC)
A.D. After Death (Image)
Afterlife With Archie (Archie)

Aliens: Dead Orbit (Dark Horse)
Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel)

America (Marvel)

American Gods: Shadows (Dark Horse)
American Monster (AfterShock)
American Vampire (DC/Vertigo)
Angel City (Oni)

Anno Dracula (Titan)
Archangel (IDW)
Archie (Archie)
Astro City (DC/Vertigo)
Avengers (Marvel)
Bad Machinery (Oni)

Batman & The Shadow (DC/Dynamite)

Batwoman (DC)

The Beauty (Image)
Betty & Veronica (Archie)
Birthright (Image)
Black (Black Mask)

Black Cloud (Image)
Black-Eyed Kids (AfterShock)
Black Hammer (Dark Horse)
Black Magick (Image)
Black Monday Murders (Image)
Black Road (Image)
Black Widow (Marvel)
Blood Blister (AfterShock)
Briggs Land (Dark Horse)

Britannia (Valiant)
Cannibal (Image)
Captain America: Steve Rogers (Marvel)
Cave Carson (DC/Young Animal)
Cerebus In Hell (Aardvark Vanaheim)
Clandestino (Black Mask)
Clean Room (DC/Vertigo)

Copperhead (Image)
Curse Words (Image)
Daredevil (Marvel)

Darkness Visible  (IDW)
Deadly Class (Image)

Death Be Damned (BOOM!)

Death in Oaxaca (Alternative Comics)
Deathstroke (DC)
Dept. H (Dark Horse)
Descender (Image)
The Discipline (Image)
Doctor Strange(Marvel)
Doctor Strange: Sorcerors Supreme (Marvel)
Doom Patrol (DC/Young Animal)
The Dregs (Black Mask)
Eclipse (Image)

Eleanor & The Egret (AfterShock)
Elephantmen (Image)

Ether (Dark Horse)
Everafter: From The Pages Of Fables (DC/Vertigo)

Extremity (Image)
Faith (Valiant)
The Few (Image)
The Fix (Image)
Foolkiller (Marvel)
Frostbite (DC/Vertigo)
The Fuse (Image)
Generation Zero (Valiant)
Giant Days (BOOM!)
God Country (Image)
Goddamned (Image)
Grand Passion (Dynamite)

Grass Kings (BOOM!)
Great Lakes Avengers (Marvel)
Green Valley (Image)
Groo (Dark Horse)
Hadrian’s Wall (Image)
Hal Jordan & The GL Corps (DC)
Harbinger: Renegades (Valiant)
Hard Case Crime: Peepland (Titan)
Hard Case Crime: Triggerman (Titan)
Harrow County (Dark Horse)
Hawkeye (Marvel)

Head Lopper (Oni Press)

Heathen (Vault Comics)
Hillbilly (Albatross)
Hookjaw (Titan)
Horizon (Image)
Hulk (Marvel)
Indoctrination (Z2 Comics)
Infamous Iron Man (Marvel)
Invincible (Image)
Invincible Iron Man (Marvel)
Invisible Republic (Image)

Iron Fist (Marvel)
James Bond (Dynamite)
James Bond: Felix Leiter (Dynamite)
James Bond: Hammerhead (Dynamite)
Jeff Steinberg: Champion Of Earth (Oni)
Jessica Jones (Marvel)
Joyride (BOOM!)
Jughead (Archie)
Jupiter’s Legacy v2 (Image)
Khaal  (Titan)
Kill Or Be Killed (Image)

Kingpin (Marvel)
Kingsway West (Dark Horse)
Knights Of The Dinner Table  (KenzerCo)
Kong Of Skull Island  (BOOM!)
Lady Killer v2 (Dark Horse)
Lake Of Fire (Image)
Lazarus  (Image)
Legend (Z2 Comics)
Letter 44 (Oni)
Lost Boys (DC/Vertigo)
Lucifer (DC/Vertigo)
Mae (Dark Horse)
Manifest Destiny (Image)
Mayday (Image)
Mechanism (Image)
Mercy Sparx Year One (Devil’s Due)
Mighty Thor (Marvel)
Monstress (Image)
Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur (Marvel)
Moon Knight (Marvel)
Moonshine (Image)
Motor Crush (Image)
Motor Girl (Abstract Studio)
Motro (Oni)
Ms. Marvel (Marvel)
Mummy (Titan)
Mycroft Holmes (Titan)

Namwolf (Albatross)
Nailbiter (Image)

Nick Fury (Marvel)
Night’s Dominion (Oni)

No Mercy (Image)
Nowhere Men (Image)
Occupy Avengers (Marvel)
October Faction: Deadly Season (IDW)
Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta (Image)
Paper Girls (Image)
Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat (Marvel)

Planetoid Praxis (Image)
Postal (Image)
Power Man & Iron Fist (Marvel)
Powers (Marvel/Icon)
Punisher (Marvel)

Quantum Teens Are Go (Black Mask)

Real Science Adventures (IDW)

Rebels 2: Free & Independent (Dark Horse)
Reborn (Image)
Red Dog (451 Studios)
Red Sonja (Dynamite)

Redneck (Image)
Reggie & Me (Archie)
Resident Alien (Dark Horse)
Revival (Image)
Ringside (Image)

Rock Candy Mountain 
Rockstars (Image)
Romulus (Image)

Rose (Image)
Rough Riders (AfterShock)

Royal City (Image)
Sabrina (Archie)
Saga (Image)
Samurai: Brothers In Arms (Titan)
Savage (Valiant)

Savage Things (DC/Vertigo)
Scarlet Witch (Marvel)
Seven To Eternity (Image)
Sex (Image)
Sex Criminals (Image)
Shutter (Image)
Silver Surfer (Marvel)
The Skeptics (Black Mask)
Skybourne (BOOM!)
Slam! (BOOM!)

Smoketown (Scout Comics)
Snowfall (Image)
Southern Bastards (Image)
Southern Cross (Image)
Spell On Wheels (Dark Horse)
Spider-Man (Marvel)
Spider-Woman (Marvel)
The Spirit: The Corpse Makers (Dynamite)
Squarriors v2 (Devil’s Due)
Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses (Image)

Sunstone (Image)
Supergirl: Being Super (DC)
Surgeon X (Image)
Sweetness (Z2 Comics)
Thanos (Marvel)
They’re Not Like Us (Image)
Tuki (Cartoon Books)
Uber: Invasion (Avatar)
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (Marvel)
Unfollow (DC/Vertigo)
Unstoppable Wasp (Marvel)
Unworthy Thor (Marvel)
Usagi Yojimbo (Dark Horse)
Violent Love (Image)

Visitor: How & Why He Stayed (Dark Horse)
Walking Dead  (Image)
War Stories (Avatar)
Wicked+Divine (Image)
Wonder Woman (DC)

World Reader (AfterShock)

Want to see my Top 12 series?

Bob's Pull List

In addition to having a collection of  more than 103,000 unique comics from 100s of publishers, I continue to get & read over 100 new comics every month.   I order most of the comics I am reading on a continuing basis in advance, but also visit my Local Comic Shop every week to browse the racks for anything interesting that catches my eye.

These are the series I'm reading on a regular basis so should give an indication of the variety of books I read and enjoy.   Some are continuing series, some are limited/mini-series, some are on hiatus at any given point in time.  Not every one comes out every month, so the actual number of books I get each month is less than the number of titles listed here.  

I'll try to update this list every few months to remove things that have ended and add in new titles I've started on.
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