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I'm obviously not storing 100,000+ comics in the comic room shown above.  I keep the bulk of the collection in my 3 car garage, stored on a combination of some custom wood shelves my brother-in-law built for me (the first 150 long boxes) and then some steel shelving I built after I exceed the capacity of those shelves.  
​I wrote a description of building the steel rack system for my comic boxes, if anyone is interested.

Bob's Comic Room

This page has a gallery featuring the comic room where I hang around when I'm watching TV, reading comics, or working on the web-site.  It reflects much of the stuff I collect; comics, original art, statues/mini-busts, Lord of the Rings, James Bond.   Lots of everything.

It's the bonus room over the 3-car garage, so it's pretty large, and packed with stuff as you can see from the photos.

These pictures were taken in September, 2016 as I was straightening up the room in advance of the Guinness World Records folks coming by to shoot a Facebook Live video.

Click on any thumbnail to view a larger picture, you can scroll through the pictures using the arrows on the right/left of the enlarged images.